May 29

OP-1 OS update #13585

CWO - Frequency Shifting Delay
Finally here, the new OP-1 OS is ready! This time we’re again adding something completely new. For the first time in the history of the OP-1 we have teamed up with an external developer and invited them to create something fresh and unique for our unit. The result of this first collaboration is something truly spectacular.

From the sonic master mind Magnus Lidström of Sonic Charge comes CWO

We first met Magnus Lidström a few years ago at a developer party here in Stockholm, Sweden. Even before that we have all been huge fans of Magnus’ work, such as MicrotonicSynplant and Bitspeek. When first thinking about doing something together for the OP-1 platform we discussed what could be ported. We soon came to the conclusion that an effect would fit really well. Inspired by Magnus’ own Echobode, the new CWO effect is a frequency shifting delay with a twist, modified for the OP-1 format.

"I like the limitations. The four knobs on the OP-1 have been highly optimized, so that each one produces a drastic change in sound on its own. This combination of effects is uncommon and capable of producing a wide arrange of sounds, such as phaser, flanger, tremolo and dub echo. It is really good on drums and for making simple sounds more fun and complex."  
- Magnus Lidström, Sonic Charge

We made the graphics for CWO to resemble a cow, digesting and processing the audio signal through it’s four stomach compartments, producing a very unique result. We hope you will like it and look forward to hearing your sonic experiments!

DNA - CPU ID Noise Synthesis
Also in this update is a completely new synthesis engine. DNA adds CPU ID Noise Synthesis, meaning it’s a noise synth, based on the Analog Devices 64-bit Blackfin processor ID, unique to every single OP-1 unit. Every synth will therefore potentially have a slightly different sound. Sometimes tonal, sometimes not, this engine adds a truly expanded sonic pallet to the OP-1. Filter, Wave number, Wave modifier and Noise can be directly controlled via the knobs. The DNA graphics is set to resemble a Kaleidoscope, where sound and visuals are abstractly interlinked. Developed in-house.